We ship to Boston

Every week, TheKnightReport.Net Editor Richard Schnyderite and his expert team at Rutgers Athletics have created War Room, an article jam-packed with tons of Scarlet Knights recruiting and team updates. This format allows fans of the Rutgers subscribers to the site to learn more about their favorite team!

Greg Schiano on Boston College: “So there is a lot of familiarity. It will be a bit strange because I care about these guys, but when you play in a match, you are competing and trying to win.”

Boston College HC Jeff Hafley on Rutgers: “They will attack football, they will play great defence, they will play great special teams. Without taking anything away from the attack. Coach Gleeson has done a very good job. But Coach Schiano, when I think of him. .. the defense will fly to the ball.”

Hafley on his new offensive line: “We have a set five. And then we have one or two guys that we think we can tour with. I really like watching this band. I like the way they work.”

Hafley on the secondary Rutgers,,,,

— Izien: “plays with his hair on fire”

— Avery Young: “Very talented, very athletic”

– Rutgers cornerbacks: ‘I think both have a shot at being NFL guys’

Boston College DE Marcus Valdez on playing at his home state school: “I know a lot of people on that staff (Rutgers). Position the coaches who were either coaches at my high school or rival high schools and then a few guys I’ve played with who are on their support staff. A lot of links there.”