Visitors are disappointed with Newport’s top attractions

WITH a sunny holiday weekend on the horizon, many of us will be pondering how to spend the Easter period – and Newport certainly has plenty of options.

From Tredegar House to the Caerleon Amphitheater, from the Transporter Bridge to the Newport Wetlands – there’s a range of activities to try.

However, they’re not always to everyone’s taste – as this compilation of bad TripAdvisor reviews shows.

House Tredegar

Tredegar House dates from the 17th century and was home to the Morgan family for over 500 years.

It has been a popular site with families and history buffs for years.

However, one reviewer – despite all the positives they experienced, decided that one star (out of five) was enough.

They listed:

  • The house is beautiful;
  • The gardens are beautiful;
  • Beautiful places to walk;
  • Great day out with kids and adults;
  • Lots of picnic areas;
  • Very well maintained and clean gardens;
  • Suitable for children.

Still, the review came with a one-star rating.

Newport Transporter Bridge

South Wales Argus:

The Newport Transporter Bridge is a Grade I listed structure and one of fewer than 10 such bridges still in use in the world.

However, that wasn’t enough to excite one visitor who simply said, “All you do is pay your money, get taken from side to side of the river bank and vice versa.” poured.”

They rated the attraction with two stars.

Another two-star rating somewhat stated the obvious, saying, “It’s a great piece of engineering, but that’s all it is.”

Newport Wetlands

South Wales Argus:

Newport Wetlands is a wildlife reserve covering parts of Uskmouth, Nash and Goldcliff in the southeast of the city.

The site is home to breeding pairs of birds such as lapwing, redhorse, oystercatcher and ringed plover. As well as visitors such as American Wigeon, Shoveler, Teal, Shelduck and Pintail, Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl.

However, none of this mattered to one visitor, who warned others “don’t waste your time”.

Awarding the wetlands one star, they said: “You might as well be sitting at home watching the paint dry.

“Due to the tall grass, we didn’t see any swans/ducks.”


South Wales Argus:

Once part of the hunting grounds of Chepstow Castle, Wentwood forms part of the largest block of ancient woodland in Wales.

The trails through the trees are popular with families and seasoned walkers alike.

However, one visitor said that it was all the visitors – probably not themselves – who were the problem.

Rating Wentwood three stars, they said, “I guess it’s a victim of its own success now that it’s attracting so many townspeople.”

Newport ship

South Wales Argus:

Unearthed in 2002, Newport Ship dates back to the 1400s, when it served as a merchant vessel.

It is now a popular educational attraction.

All that history aside, a visitor to the Newport Ship gave it a paltry two stars.

“I went to see the Newport ship, but all I saw were a few planks,” they said.

Caerleon Roman Amphitheater

South Wales Argus:

As seen on team timeCaerleon’s amphitheater is part of the area’s rich Roman history.

Thought to have been built and rebuilt between 80 and 200 AD, the amphitheater is now a popular family destination and even hosts re-enactments.

Well worth a visit, although if you were to listen to some reviewers on TripAdvisor you might think twice.

One called the site “a decent way to spend half an hour if you’re in the area, but it’s not that special you’d want to take a special trip for.”

They honored the Roman site with two TripAdvisor stars.