UPS Hires 100,000 Seasonal Workers Ahead of Holiday Season | Nation

The inverter is staffing for the holiday season by hiring more than 100,000 seasonal workers — a major challenge in the context of a general labor shortage.

In Atlanta, UPS expects to hire approximately 2,300 seasonal employees in preparation for its high season. Seasonal hiring is essential for UPS so that millions of parcels are delivered on time during the holidayswhen its parcel volume nearly doubles.

Compete in the tight job market, the shipping giant says it has an expedited hiring process that allows many job seekers to get an offer 25 minutes after applying online, with no in-person interview required for most posts.

UPS says it has raised wages for its seasonal workers by about $1 an hour from a year ago, with wages starting at $16 an hour, up from $15 last year for managers. package. Some jobs pay more, depending on the position. Seasonal package car delivery drivers in Atlanta can get $21 an hour.

The number of positions UPS needs to fill during the peak holiday season is comparable to its hiring peak in recent years. The company hires delivery drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, package handlers and driver helpers, with full-time and part-time positions on a variety of shifts.

The company is also recruiting for certain permanent positions.

UPS touts its seasonal jobs as a career opportunity, saying nearly 35,000 of its seasonal workers last year became permanent UPS employees after the holiday season. It also offers reimbursement of certain tuition fees for seasonal workers.

“It’s kind of a trial run during peak season, and then you understand the career opportunities,” said Danelle McCusker, president of human resources for U.S. domestic operations at UPS, who started as a seasonal worker 20 years ago. year.

For those who are hired for permanent jobs and stay with the company for years, UPS says full-time package delivery drivers earn an average of $95,000 a year.

UPS also plans to host in-person recruiting events in the coming weeks.