Thome Group Wins National SBR Business Award in Shipping Category

Thome Group has won the National Business Award 2022 from Singapore Business Review (SBR) in the shipping category for providing successful solutions in managing a wide range of global maritime assets, while providing a safe and secure working environment. healthy to its employees.

Launched in 2016, the SBR National Business Awards honor local companies headquartered in Singapore by recognizing their outstanding projects that contribute to the rapid growth of Singapore’s economy.

Thome was awarded for launching Vanir Marine, a supply chain specialist that actively develops global contracts, tenders and meaningful solutions for large fleets, as well as small owners and ship managers, providing a single point of contact on their behalf.

Vanir is also actively engaging with many Singapore Maritime 4.0 stakeholders to collaborate and achieve digitalization and standardization goals for Singapore as a maritime hub.

Another project successfully launched by the Group was the innovative in-house travel booking system called Aegir Marine Travel. This allows Thome staff to quickly see travel availability instead of relying on the services of external travel agents. Although still in its infancy, Aegir has already shown positive results in terms of revenue growth and possibly expanding this service to external partners in the future.

The SBR Trophy

In addition to these successful projects, Thome has also supported its employees with innovative initiatives designed to facilitate their busy working lives. One of them is the digital crew self-service platform which allows seafarers to perform various tasks online, including updating their personal information, documents, training, certification, on intention to join the ship, contracts, payslips, and much more.

The Thome Group has also launched seafarer assistance through ISWAN, a bespoke emotional support service run by SWAN Ltd. It is a confidential 24/7 helpline run by specially trained counselors, available to Thome employees and the families of its seafarers. The project aims to give valuable advice to people on how to cope with feelings of depression, stress and fatigue and help maximize their psychological well-being.

Finally, the company was rewarded for its due diligence regarding the planned move of its headquarters. A series of workshops were held with employee input to ensure that creative, efficient and sustainable offices are designed for staff in an inclusive environment.

Commenting on the winning award, Thome Group CEO Olav Nortun said, “It is very nice to be recognized in the same way by the Singapore Business Review. At Thome, we strive to be at the forefront of transformational change in such a dynamic industry. We are also very proud to have been part of Singapore’s business community for over five decades and will continue to contribute to this sustainable, high-tech and people-oriented economy.
Source: Thome Group