TClarke – Breaking Down Prejudice, International Women’s Day 2022

Clarke celebrates International Women’s Day and highlights the need to support women in the construction industry. Business Development Manager Laura Beth Massey Caineswho led this project, explain what needs to happen

Laura Beth Massey Caines: Head of business development

I think as women in the construction industry we need to raise the profile of existing female employees as this helps to encourage others. If you are lucky enough to have a job you love the best thing you can do is tell others, we naturally want to find role models for ourselves and in doing so we can help women take awareness of the many opportunities available to them. their. So publicize the women who work with you, to show that women are just as capable of a successful career in construction as in any other industry. Women supporting women is great, but we need men to get involved too. Clarke showed me respect and support and I feel valued by the team, which encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take on challenges that I would have avoided in the past.

Roz Gregoire: Pre-construction wizard

“It is extremely positive to see the increase in the number of women working in construction, not only in office positions, but also in trades on the construction site.

When I was new to the industry in 2017, I felt upbeat though nervous. Walking in a male dominated environment can be scary, but I was welcomed and accepted into the team – it wasn’t as bad as I thought! I grew personally and professionally within the industry, and it offers many areas of specialization with a range of skills – It can be for anyone! »

Emma Coverdale: Head of business development

In my 18 years in this industry, things have definitely changed for the better for women in construction. However, more needs to be done to ensure women don’t feel undervalued or held back and to #BreakTheBias. That’s why it’s important to mark #IWD2022, recognize what it means and support each other. I love the following quotes which sum up my thoughts more eloquently and succinctly than I can!

“You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see being built instead of being destroyed. – Unknown

“You only have one life to live. It’s yours. Own it, claim it, live it, do your best with it. hillary clinton

‘She believed she could so she did.’ – Unknown

Charlotte Hayard: Document controller

I don’t think young women know how many opportunities there are in construction, those roles that are considered male-dominated can just as easily be filled by women, but the idea that construction is a must change. There is a wide range of specialist disciplines and roles in construction, we need to speak out more to highlight the work of our female employees and ensure that staff at all levels of the business recognize the importance and value of gender diversity.

Elouise Burnet: Workshop Sales Manager

let’s collaborate in construction. Yes, being a woman in a male dominated industry can be daunting, know that together we can accomplish anything. And breaking down barriers and helping others is really important.

I have survived and thrived in this industry thanks to exceptional colleagues and the support of a team. Working together and creating successful environments for men and women.

I have seen female electricians, plumbers and apprentices throughout my career and with the support I see and have at Clarke with everyone’s determination and passion, we can succeed.

Ok, it’s difficult, but it’s exciting, it’s also fast but it’s encouraging. And working in construction has been by far my most rewarding career.

You don’t have to be a site engineer. We must remind other women that the face of construction is not just what you see on the ground with good visibility, hats and goggles, look behind you and you will see the range of opportunities that await you inside. From surveying, finance, administration, human resources, leadership and much more.

Megan Hemming: Document controller

As Senior Document Controller for TClarke London, I am proud of my position and only want to continue to pursue my goals to further advance in the business.

In my role, I can reach out to other women and help them gain the confidence and skills to work in construction and move up the ladder in the construction industry.

I want to inspire other women to pursue and achieve their ambition to work in construction.

Elizabeth McKean: Health and Safety Assistant

I have worked in construction for three years to Clarke as health and safety administrator. Clarke helped me progress in my career by recently passing my NEBOSH construction certificate, with the help of my team, this enabled me to start generating H&S inspection reports and undertaking on-site audits, which of which I would never have felt capable three years ago. I think there’s still a lack of women in the construction industry, but it’s just about supporting and encouraging women to get into that kind of career.

Vicky Chevalier : QA & HR Manager

We have a strong female workforce in Clarke, not only in our offices but operationally on our sites. Raising the profile of women in the construction industry is important to us as there are many career roles and opportunities that are often overlooked being seen as ‘masculine’ roles. We want to break down these barriers, encourage more women in the industry and make construction a career choice.

Main Rio: Quantity Surveyor Assistant – Commercial M&E

The number of women in construction has increased in recent years, helping to break the stereotype that construction is a “man’s world”, but it has not completely disappeared. Working in construction is rewarding work, with great variety and every day is different. The construction industry is so diverse and there is something for everyone. I started my career in construction working in administration before progressing as a professional, undertaking a BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying, with experience in Project Management and Quantity Surveying.

I am now QS Assistant for Clarke occupying several positions in the health sector in the South West.

Bryony Nott: Assistant Surveyor

Beginner in a support role before construction, I am now assistant quantity surveyor, Clarke have always supported my aspiration to build a career in the construction industry. While there are many women working in construction, there could be many more! It can be daunting to work in a male dominated industry, but the team is very supportive and it’s a rewarding role. It is important that we encourage more women to join the industry and to all women considering a career in construction, I would say I love working in construction, no two days are alike.


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