Taiwan Calls Chinese Military Drills a Gross Violation of International Law

By CNBC-TV18 STI (Update)


Beijing has relentlessly fired ballistic missiles into the waters around Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this month.

On Aug. 9, Taipei said China’s decision to conduct military exercises in areas surrounding Taiwan was a gross violation of its rights under international law.

It comes after China fired a barrage of ballistic missiles into the waters around Taiwan as it launched large-scale military exercises in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu said in a statement that China’s action had hampered the normal operation of one of the busiest air and sea routes in the Indo-Pacific region.

“It has had a serious impact on international transportation and trade, and undermined regional peace and security. Taiwan therefore strongly condemns China’s extremely irresponsible behavior,” Wu said.

According to the statement, “China’s large-scale targeted military exercises are a serious provocation. China used President Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as a pretext, but pursues its true intentions in several ways.”

The statement added, “China has also taken specific steps to break the long-standing unspoken agreement on the Taiwan Strait midline. And once the drills are over, China may try to normalize its action in a bid to destroy the long-term status quo across the Taiwan Strait.”

Speaking of the scope of its missile tests, the statement said: “China is clearly trying to deter other countries from interfering in its attempt to invade Taiwan. His repetition of anti-access and area-denial tactics gives us a clear picture of the geostrategic position ambitions beyond Taiwan.”

Taiwan has declared that it has the right to maintain relations with other countries and to participate in and contribute to the international community. “The people of Taiwan also have the right to express their collective will through the democratic system. China has no right to interfere or change this,” he said.