Swire Bulk launches liner service between Southeast

Swire Bulk said it will operate a new liner service between Southeast Asia and Europe from June 2022 in addition to its tramp services.

The company has announced that it will deploy one to two vessels on a monthly rotation in Europe, calling at Amamapare (Indonesia), Singapore and Dahej (India) to load goods before arriving in Huelva (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium ) and Brunsbüttel (Germany). ) for discharge operations. Customers may also request additional stopovers in countries between Southeast Asia and Europe.

Launched by the Parcelling division of Swire Bulk, the new service offering will target products such as plywood and other forest products; steels; project cargo and renewable energy; bagged and industrial goods; and bulk dry packages.

“We offer our valued customers a dedicated one-stop service in the transportation of bulk and unitized cargo from Southeast Asia to Europe that meets their unique logistics needs. The launch of this new ship parcel service offers a higher level of reliability combined with flexible and tailor-made port-to-port solutions. We want to provide our customers with simple, cost-effective and sustainable shipping solutions,” said Eskandar Akram, Head of Crate Division, Swire Bulk.

The parcel service from Southeast Asia to Europe is the second liner business that Swire Bulk has launched this year.

Rob Aarvold, Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Last year has seen an increase in demand for options to move non-bulk/unitized cargo on dry bulk vessels, which has been supported by a rising bulk market dry and a change in the unified sector. towards decontainerization. Swire Bulk is confident that we have the right fleet – modern, fuel efficient and flexible – and an experienced and capable team to meet demand and meet customer needs. We are therefore happy to launch this service between South-East Asia and Europe, which complements our existing businesses.

“At the same time, sustainability and safety remain a priority for the company. Swire Bulk will always consider the environmental impact of our operations. Innovation in terms of the ship design of our vessels and the cargo we carry – both on deck and in the cargo holds – has enabled us to significantly reduce carbon emissions per tonne of cargo, and therefore our EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator) rating for the past six years. Safety is our guiding principle, and Swire Bulk will never compromise on safety at sea or ashore.