St. Vincent nurses vote to stick with union; Cargo full of luxury cars sinks after fire

Nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester voted Monday to continue to be represented by their union after a nearly 10-month strike that was resolved in January.

The National Labor Relations Board broadcast the vote live, with the final tally being 302 to 133 to retain the Massachusetts Nurses Association, the Telegram & Gazette reported. Nurses voted yes or no to the question “Do you wish to be represented for collective bargaining purposes by the MP?”

The National Foundation for the Right to Work had supported a petition calling for the union to be abandoned.

The hospital, which is owned by Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare, said in a statement that it “respects the decision of its nurses to continue to be represented by MNA.”

Marlena Pellegrino, long-serving nurse and bargaining unit co-chair, said: “It has been an exhausting battle, but we have maintained our honour, our dignity and our union rights which we have fought for for 22 years, it might make you cry.

Cargo full of luxury cars sinks after fire

A large freighter carrying cars from Germany to the United States sank in the middle of the Atlantic on Tuesday, 13 days after a fire broke out on board, the shipowner and the Portuguese navy said.

The Felicity Ace sank about 250 miles off the Portuguese Azores islands while under tow, MOL Ship Management in Singapore said in a statement. A rescue team had extinguished the fire.

The 650-foot-long ship heeled to starboard before sinking, the ship’s manager said.

The Portuguese Navy confirmed the sinking, saying it happened outside Portuguese waters.

Local car tycoon Ernie Boch Jr. told the Herald last week he had a battleship gray 12-cylinder Bentley on the merchant ship.

“It’s quite tragic,” he said.