Shipping companies agree on T&T digital standards and call for ‘widespread adoption’

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Ocean freight customers can now access a standards-based API, following the adoption of track and trace (T&T) standards.

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) said today that the majority of its members have adopted T&T standards, enabling an API that allows shippers to have real-time inter-carrier data about their containers.

DCSA said “widespread adoption” would create better real-time reliability and responsiveness and carrier MSC called for industry-wide collaboration.

“While there are a variety of digital innovations in the maritime industry, MSC believes that new solutions will only be fit for purpose if they can be leveraged across multiple carriers, service providers and geographies,” said said André Simha, DCSA President and Global Chief Digital Officer. & MSC Information Officer.

Collaboration is essential in this regard, so that we can establish the same technological standards throughout the industry. T&T standards establish a consistent method of exchanging data between carriers and customers,” he added.

Yu Kurimoto, MD corporate and innovation for ONE (Ocean Network Express), said: “Done correctly, digitalization will provide a foundation to integrate all aspects of global commerce, unite geographies and connect stakeholders in a way that will not only enable ONE to deliver on its vision, but for container shipping to be seen as an industry leader.

This year is all about adoption, said DCSA chief executive Thomas Bagge, who urged the ocean freight industry to act faster than the decade and more it took air freight to digitize.

“We are very pleased that adoption is gaining momentum among carriers. But the digital transformation of the container shipping industry and the resulting improvements in efficiency and customer experience simply cannot happen without even more widespread adoption of digital standards.

“DCSA’s goal for 2021 is to promote adoption among all stakeholders. Without adoption, the industry will not benefit from the digital foundation being created. »

The DCSA T&T Standard includes an information model and interface standards that are free to download from the DSSA website; API definitions are available on SwaggerHub.