Sandvik presents a new concept of electric surface drill to the industry

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on May 11, 2022

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions announces the launch of a revolutionary electric drill rig for surface drilling. Vei and Anlegg 2022 exposure, with the potential for this solution to impact larger-scale mining-related drilling operations in the future.

From May 11 to 14, 2022, See and Anlegg is one of the largest construction fairs in Scandinavia.

The new concept platform demonstrates some of the advanced technologies that will be introduced on future production drill rigs to support more sustainable and energy-efficient surface drilling, especially in urban construction applications, he said.

The concept drill is essentially a versatile R&D platform to demonstrate the most advanced, yet proven and validated sustainability technologies already in use or to come on underground drills and loaders. The innovation lies in transferring these technological advantages to the world of surface drilling for the first time to meet the latest industry demands, says Sandvik. The conceptual drill rig brings the new solutions together on a real machine that you can get up close and personal with – a “hands-on” starting point for discussions about real customer needs and the technological possibilities to meet them with tomorrow’s products.

Builders and contractors are increasingly faced with specific, often quantified sustainability goals: for example, electrification of power supply, energy efficiency goals and exhaust/noise restrictions. Sandvik says it wants to lead the way with the drill rig concept, demonstrating effective sustainable solutions designed to meet these challenges. Technologies featured on the platform include an electrified power supply and a range of emissions reduction technologies, with the overall aim of energy efficiency and emissions control (noise, particulate and CO2).

The Commando™ DC300Ri compact percussion drill rig was selected as the platform for the concept drill rig, due to its popularity in urban surface drilling applications (e.g. road/lane construction railways and the drilling of foundations). It is possible, however, that product development projects based on the conceptual drill rig may lead to different, possibly larger, drill rigs. The concept rig also has the option of running on direct or battery power, as well as hybrid power using a small diesel generator. All of these power sources are available and can be tested on the concept drill rig, based on the customer’s actual needs. The hammer drill is also equipped with effective noise protection.

“We could make the selections ourselves, such as the choice between direct power supply and a battery-powered system, but we want to do that with our customers,” Lauri Laihanen, vice president, R&D and product management, Surface Sandvik Drilling Division, said. “We want to have a dialogue, to make sure that we really understand the real needs of the customer and that we are tackling the right problems together. This is a customer orientation rather than a technology orientation. For us, technology is just a tool to meet customer needs. With this drill rig concept, the primary role of technology is to support a zero-emissions approach in the customer’s operations, which of course aligns perfectly with Sandvik’s own sustainability goals.

In addition to market-driven goals, the concept drill rig will also help Sandvik achieve its own ambitious sustainability goals, including its goal to halve the carbon footprint of the group’s operations by 2030.

The conversation about the future of sustainable surface drilling is now underway and the next chance to see the concept drill rig, after See and Anleggwill be in Tampere, Finland at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions Customer Days 2022 in September.