Paradip Terminal offers record throughput in April

Essar Ports Paradip terminal in India recorded 0.8 MMT (882,000 tonnes) of cargo handling on April 22, showing growth of around 40% on an annual basis.

The terminal also recorded volumes for the 2021-22 financial year, registering a cargo of around 6.8 MMT (7.5 million tonnes), making it the highest annual cargo since its commissioning.

Another record figure was delivered in April in tonnes handled in one day, with a rate of 70,000 tonnes (77,160 tonnes) and an average dockside turnaround time (TAT) score of 1.23 days per vessel.

The average throughput in fiscal year 2021-22 was 49,500 tonnes/day (54,563 tonnes). The terminal has handled approximately 33 MMT (36 million tonnes) of cargo and has welcomed 556 ships since it was commissioned.

“Our overall performance is the result of our innovative approach, developing industry-leading solutions and investing in future-ready technology,” said Rajiv Agarwal, Operating Partner (Infrastructure), Essar and Managing Director of Essar Ports.

Technologically, Essar Ports further announced that its Paradip terminal is fully equipped with environmentally friendly infrastructure to combat carbon emissions.

The Paradip terminal is located in the Bay of Bengal, close to trade routes with China, Japan, Myanmar and the rest of the Southeast Asian region. The terminal also serves the coastal transportation of the steel industry in India.

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