Over 4,000 international gospel ministers gather in Lagos – The Sun Nigeria

By Gilbert Ekezie

International Ministers of the Gospel met recently in Lagos to discuss the way forward for the progress of the Church.

The program, which was attended by more than 4,000 ministers from different denominations, also provided an opportunity for God’s servants to learn how to prepare their congregations for the impending rapture as Jesus Christ comes for the glorious Church.

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Addressing the ministers, who gathered for the hour’s International Gospel Ministers Conference (IGMC), organized by the group’s Lagos sub-region at the main hall of the international trade fair complex of Lagos, Ojo, Senior Pastor and General Superintendent of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (WCCRM), Pastor Aloysius Ohanebo, emphasized the need for the Church (the Bride of Christ) to prepare for the impending translation otherwise called the abduction.

Ohanebo, who denounced the strife in Christendom caused by the love of money and the pursuit of positions, said that Jesus comes for the church which is glorious, without spots or wrinkles.

Speaking on “End Times Realities and God’s Eleventh Hour Program,” the 78-year-old holiness preacher observed that the quest for positions and money has led to the proliferation of churches, not only in Nigeria, but all over the world.

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“All the words of the Bible have been exhausted like the names that fill the earth. There remains the Okeke Okafor church, the Jannes and Jambres church. All other names have been exhausted, and some names are funny,” he said.

Ohanebo described the roles and responsibilities of the five ministries – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, stating that if one is not an apostle and answers to an apostle, it is advisable that the person drop the name because they are big names that kills the dog.

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“You answer to a pastor, go read Psalm 23 seven times and meditate on it. If your life doesn’t fit into this chapter of the Bible, drop the name because those are the names that people take that will be used to judge them.

“A pastor is a broken man, a shepherd, not someone who is always drinking tea and coffee and enjoying life. A pastor is the person who cries when people cry. Pastoral work is the greatest and most demanding job on earth,” he said.

He explained that the International Gospel Ministers Conference (IGMC) of the Hour is distinct from other ministerial conferences as it addresses a specific three-pronged project for the end times. “The plan includes the raising of a great army of believers of different denominations for the imminent harvest of souls in the kingdom; bringing about the harvest of souls proper and bringing about the unity of the body of Christ.

“There are so many ministerial conferences going on. When the phrase “of the hour” was spoken, I was confused and wanted to remove it, but the Lord said I had to leave it there. It’s about bringing pastors together, sharing that vision with them, and through the gathering, making capable ministers of the new testament.

Shedding more light on the unity of the church, the quantity surveyor-turned-gospel preacher said: “This is not ecumenism. Unity of faith implies that although you have your denomination, you preach the same thing – regeneration (the new birth experience), righteous living, sanctification, baptism in the Holy Spirit, humility and the progression of all the qualities of Jesus Christ.

Ohanebo said there is a need for transformation before the translation (rapture) and compared the transformation to what happened in the life and ministry of Prophet Elijah. “Elijah’s ministry went through three phases. After performing exploits, the prophet became depressed and desired to die. But God who had foreseen that he would go through the “rapture” ensured that he was restored before the translation.

“If men could have the wisdom, knowledge and resources to reclaim miles of land from the Atlantic Ocean to build Eko Atlantic City, how dare you think that God, who is the embodiment of wisdom, knowledge and possesses all the resources, cannot recover and recover his backslidden church?

Earlier, IGMC Registrar of the Hour, Pastor Mike Ihenacho, traced the origin of the conference to April 1999, when God told Pastor Ohanebo in remote Padua, Italy, that “the current time in paradise is five minutes before midnight”.

He pointed out that God’s calendar is different from man’s.

According to him, the IGMC has since been funded by the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. “The conference is usually attended by ministers of the gospel from every continent of the world.”

Also speaking, the Coordinating Chairperson, IGMC of the Hour, Lagos Sub-Region, Rev. Innocent James said there was a critical task for the church to do and complete, adding that it is time to get up and work; walk as ministers of the gospel.

James said: “The IGMC vision of the hour is not one thing, a single season vision, it is a vision of all seasons and all times, especially in these perilous times. as the Bible says.

“It is also a field of work where all who come aboard should pick up all available implements and engage in work, until the end of time rapture or death.”

James advised that the IGMC had a period of suspension for some time after decentralization in 2006. “This suspension should have been at the World Conference level only. It was not expected to be at the individual, national, regional and zonal levels.

He said the days of ministers coming to look, hear, receive and leave are over. “In this dispensation of 2020 and beyond, we must all rise to the task, and all hands must be on deck, whether it be ministers from outside or inside.

“Everyone must be involved by will or by necessity because to realize this vision and this project of the Lord is a task that must be accomplished.”

According to James, the astronomical increase in the death rate and many strange happenings are also another clear signal that the end is so near and at hand. “The fact that some Christian denominations are claimed ministers, whose activities are questionable, and the large congregation behind them should not be warned and delivered from the imminent danger of outward damnation.”

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