Lagos Roads Lack Enforcement, Law and Order – Fashola

Public Works and Housing Minister Babatunde Raji Fashola has said the Lagos State government lacks the will to enforce law and order on its roads.

Speaking virtually as a keynote speaker at a program titled “Driving and the Nigerian in You” which was convened by a radio journalist, Adetola Kayode, Fashola said many Lagosians themselves do not Were not disturbed by anomalies on their routes.

He said: “The first thing I want to say is that this is not a Nigerian problem. It is a human problem and the simple issue is law and order. Someone here once talked about having laws and not implementing them. It depends on how we behave.

Fashola, who drew his case studies from some of the photos he took during periodic visits to Lagos, highlighted how road law enforcement officials flouted the rules by cordoning off some roads in the city. Moloney Street on Lagos Island. The ex-governor noted that the closure of a street broke the law.

He stressed the need for everyone in the city to be checked whenever they tried to break the law.

“Until we act and say that traders cannot trade in the streets, buses cannot park in the way, pedestrians must stay on the sidewalk, we will live in rage and traffic jams. Hence the death and health impact, and general loss of productivity that we are experiencing now,” he said.

The minister, noting that the speed limit on federal highways is a maximum of 100 kilometers per hour, stressed that speed was one of the main factors responsible for road accidents.

He observed that many road users failed to recognize the importance of the road infrastructure put in place by the Ministry of Works and Housing.

Panelists at the event, Driving and the Nigerian in you. Credit: Joseph_Olaoluwa for ICIR

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He resorted to a route insurance panel which was cut in Enugu but was replaced and covered for manholes, which he lamented were continually being robbed.

Highlighting the cost to the state of the recklessness of individuals and fires, Fashola estimated the damage caused by the tanker fires to the Otedola and Kara bridges at the Lagos State end of the highway Lagos-Ibadan caused by tankers at 203 million naira.

Fashola spoke of the progress he had made as Minister of Works.

He said: “What we have done is try to improve the state of the road network, fix the things that have been damaged, replace the things that have been destroyed, improve the infrastructure, reduce the time to route. I am proud to say that we have made progress. Things have been better in this regard since 2015.

“In terms of law enforcement, the FRSC does not report to the ministry, they are not responsible to me, they are responsible to the Cabinet Secretary, that is the structure under the current law. My job is set. I fix the road and the FRSC enforces the law. I have no control over it and I can’t manage what I don’t control.

Frowning against street trading, he dismissed all the arguments made in its favour, saying we should emulate common sense and order in healthy climates.