King Abdullah Port supports Saudi exports with new liner service

In another landmark achievement, King Abdullah Port recently received an inaugural Indus 2 service call from MSC, the world leader in container shipping.

With this major development, the port will help further develop the Kingdom’s thriving export market while facilitating trade between North America and the Indian subcontinent.

King Abdullah Port will provide efficient services for containers transported on MSC ships for import cargo from Mundra Port, India’s largest private container port, to King Abdullah Port.

In addition, goods will be exported from Port King Abdullah to major European ports and to the Port of Halifax in Canada, then to cities in the US Midwest such as Chicago and Detroit.

In 2021, the shipping company has significantly increased its coverage in North America with three sailings with competitive transit times to the East Coast and the Gulf of the United States and a direct crossing to Canada.

With the addition of King Abdullah Port, MSC continues to recognize the Kingdom’s indispensable role as an intermediary point between East and West and a major producer and exporter of goods worldwide.

King Abdullah Port records growth in container shipping for the first half of 2022

Commenting on the new call for the Indus 2 liner service, Jay New, Managing Director of King Abdullah Port, said, “We are delighted to begin receiving shipments from Mundra Port as the MENA region’s premier container terminal. Indus line service 2.

“Adding Port King Abdullah to MSC’s liner service reaffirms our role as a major enabler of Saudi international trade and one of the most important ports in the world.

“This new milestone brings us closer to achieving our national transport and logistics strategy and our Vision 2030 ambitions for the Kingdom as a global logistics hub connecting three continents.”

King Abdullah Port’s partnership with MSC dates back to September 2013 with the mooring of the first vessel in the company’s fleet at the port.

9 years later, the port handled a total of 1,502,720 TEUs throughout the first half of 2022, an increase of 6.69% compared to the same period last year. King Abdullah Port was also named the most efficient port in the world in 2021 according to the CPPI, a global index developed by the World Bank.

King Abdullah Port recently achieved a major milestone by handling 15 million TEUs in record time since the container terminal began operations in 2013. The milestone follows a 31% increase in container throughput in 2021 .

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