International Web3 Startup ParallelOffice Raises Fundraising to Launch Its Revolutionary Commerce Metaverse

Affectionately regarded as the next generation evolution of working from home, the ParallelOffice web3 platform combines VR, AI and Blockchain technologies to create a virtual reality 3D office that allows users to be more productive, fully immersed with a carbon footprint close to zero.

Parallel Office is committed to having a positive impact on the environment while reinventing the way people use the metaverse for business. Startup founders, business owners and human resources specialists who are looking for talented people to build international teams, start operations without large initial capital and break down conventional boundaries will be able to do so with ParallelOffice’s new platform. ParallelOffice recently announced its intention to raise seed funds that will go towards the launch of its highly anticipated Web3 platform. The new platform will allow businesses to set up a virtual office in less than 5 minutes while eliminating rent, travel, zoom fatigue with a near-zero carbon footprint.

Speaking at a recent Metaverse convention in Dubai, Executive Strategist Gregor Maric, CEO of the company, said: “We help companies and freelancers become more productive in their work while allowing them to reinvest savings on rent and commuting time into things that really make a difference to their business.”

“We also give businesses and freelancers the ability to build international teams and collaborate in a near-real-life virtual environment that allows for an immersive and memorable experience. How? We use AI to detect feelings and simulate appropriate facial expressions on our avatars, hand and eye tracking to recreate the feeling of meeting someone in person, and the most realistic VR technology” he added.

Parallel Office made headlines late last year when it launched an MVP that proved the virtual office concept. Since then, they have built dozens of offices for many organizations, including some Fortune500 companies. Their decentralized commerce metaverse will allow companies to not only work in the metaverse but also sell/rent a mix of products, services and NFTs, has already made ParallelOffice a tempting option for freelancers and small businesses as well.

Their innovative platform aims to empower its members by allowing them to earn from their work and finance their own projects via the DAO Treasury. Contributors will be able to create offices and different assets that they can monetize on the marketplace. Office rent, furniture, and other accessories are not liabilities like in the real world, but assets that you can trade and earn.

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