International express delivery giants FedEx and UPS deny rumors of suspension of deliveries to China

FedEx and UPS have confirmed they will continue to provide international delivery services in China in response to rumors they will suspend services amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

There are rumors that international courier companies including UPS, Canada Post, Japan Post and FedEx are suspending postal and express parcel services in China.

FedEx and UPS told Chinese media that their services would remain normal.

FedEx temporarily suspended express deliveries at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on March 28 due to the citywide lockdown, but has already resumed accepting inbound international express shipments at the airport since Monday.

FedEx said its international express and cargo hub at Pudong Airport continued to operate during the recent outbreak to ensure stable exports and facilitate international trade.

UPS has also allayed fears that the delivery company will suspend import mail and package services.

It has suspended some import services in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, but its transshipment facilities in Shanghai and Shenzhen continue to operate.

Canada Post has suspended parcel deliveries to China, but will continue to deliver to China by ground. Japan Post has halted express mail from Japan to China, allowing only letter post, effective April 22.