Hyosung TNC Develops Nylon Lining Resin for Hydrogen Fuel Tanks

An official from Hyosung TNC explains nylon liner resin at H2 MEET, a hydrogen exhibition held at KINTEX in Ilsan of Gyeonggi Province in August.

Hyosung TNC announced on Sept. 7 that it has developed nylon for hydrogen vehicle fuel tank liners for the first time in Korea. A liner is an inner container of a fuel tank that prevents leaks.

The new nylon liner material is 70% lighter than metallic materials and 50% lighter than high density polyethylene (HDPE) materials. Its gas blocking power is also 30% higher than that of metallic materials and 50% higher than that of HDPE materials.

Metal liners are heavy. Their risk of frailty increases when exposed to hydrogen for a long time. Nylon liners have low hydrogen absorption and low air permeability, so they are free from the risk of brittleness, the company says. In addition, the interior linings of hydrogen containers must withstand a sudden and large change in temperature caused by frequent loading and unloading of hydrogen. Nylon liners have excellent impact resistance against large temperature changes and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 85℃.

Hyosung TNC can now enter the global nylon coating market, which has been monopolized by foreign companies.