Ghana: Government tasked with paying exorbitant fees for shipping companies

The Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF) is urging the government to take a closer look at shipping companies operating in Ghana and the exorbitant fees they charge importers and exporters.

Freight forwarders responsible for importing and exporting goods said unreasonably high shipping company fees increased their operating costs.

Last year in September, the institute threatened to go on strike over the situation, which saw shipping companies charge fees including container depots, exchange rate differentials and fees administrative, among others.

In an interview with Citi Business News, GIFF Tema chapter president Johnny Mantey said they would raise the issue when talks about rolling back benchmark discounts begin.

He said: “Shipping companies rip people off like no other. On holidays and weekends they always charge people.”

“The kind of money the shipping companies are making in this town is obscene and needs to be looked at by the government. If the government only looks at the shipping companies, we will end up lowering our rates at the ports. With all that is in the impasse over reversing the benchmark discount, people are worried about their demurrage charges,” he said.