Cosco Shipping Lines Adds Next-Generation Controlled Atmosphere Active EverFresh Systems

Cosco Shipping Lines recently enhanced its refrigerated cargo fleet with Carrier Transicold’s next-generation EverFresh® Active Controlled Atmosphere Systems. High-performance systems allow perishable food shipments to travel further, while maintaining the quality of the goods. Carrier Transicold is part of Carrier Global Corporation, the world’s leading provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and smart building and cold chain solutions.

“Next-generation EverFresh units will maintain atmosphere at precise points to maintain product quality and extend shelf life for a wide range of perishables,” said Suresh Duraisamy, Associate Director, Global Container Refrigeration, Carrier Transicold. “The systems deliver the quality our customers have come to expect, with new technology that builds on the rugged design and proven performance of first-generation EverFresh units, to propel their fleets into the future.”

Using active AC technology, the EverFresh system:

  • Optimizes the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) in a refrigerated container, slowing respiration and the natural ripening of the product inside.
  • Generates high-purity nitrogen to move oxygen faster and more responsively, rather than relying solely on cargo breathing to gradually reduce oxygen levels.
  • Maintains positive air pressure in the container, making it much less susceptible to box leaks than other types of systems.

“Carrier Transicold’s EverFresh controlled atmosphere system is proven based on the performance of past units, and it allows us to handle a wider range of perishables around the world, and protect and ship them in full confidence to newer and more distant markets for our customers,” said Chen Yang, Sales and Marketing Manager, Reefer Trade, Cosco Shipping Lines.

The active injection technology of the EverFresh system allows the container to be pre-charged with CO2 at the start of a trip and to automatically add more during the trip. Carrier Transicold is the only container refrigeration system manufacturer on the market today to offer an AC system with an integrated option to add CO2 on demand. The EverFresh system is part of Carrier’s healthy, safe and sustainable cold chain program to preserve and protect the supply of food, medicine and vaccines.

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