Car-O-Liner presents the new CDR1 workstation

Car-O-Liner has announced the launch of the CDR1 workstation, which contains all the equipment and materials needed to quickly and efficiently perform light to medium damage repair.

“The new CDR1 Repair System was very well received when we introduced it at SEMA this year,” said Tim Garner, Market Development Manager for Car-O-Liner. “Shop owners have asked us for an effective way to increase the high margins of light to medium collision repairs without sacrificing quality. Based on the initial response, we believe the CDR1 Workstation is that solution. »

The value-added, all-in-one Car-O-Liner CDR1 Workstation allows shops to quickly and efficiently perform professional light to medium body repair services. It is mobile and space-saving, making it a very accessible and cost-effective addition to any workshop.

A focal point of the Car-O-Liner CDR1 workstation is the CR235 Combi Spotter. The CR235 has two separate guns for easy switching between steel and aluminum welding operations. The unique spotter saves up to 40% repair time while reducing the risk of heat or burns and eliminating the risk of compromised corrosion protection.

The Car-O-Liner CDR1 workstation is available in three versions. The Tier 1 cart includes the CR235 Combi Spotter, plus separate drawers with steel and aluminum repair tools, and the Tier 2 cart includes an additional drawer for glue repairs. The Tier 3 cart includes a drawer for push-pull pneumatic repairs, as well as another drawer for supports.

For more information on Car-O-Liner equipment, including the CDR1, call (800) 521-9696 or visit