Can the BRICS contribute to international security?

The war trade is extremely profitable, as governments are willing to spend everything to win. In a country like Russia, where all arms manufacturing companies are more than 50% owned (controlled by and serve) the government itself, profits are not the main goal, national defense is. is ; but, in an entirely (or almost entirely) capitalist country, like the United States and its allies, the people who control the decisions are in fact private investors, and profits are their main (or only) objective; and, thus, majority investors in “defense” companies hire agents (including politicians) to control each of their major markets, which are their own country and the countries with which these investors are allied. Also, so that their weapons can be used, target nations are necessary, that these arms investors (and their news media) declare themselves to be the “enemies” of their nations and therefore as lands against which their weapons should be targeted (if “enemy”) or to be defended (if ” allies”). It takes both “allies” and “enemies” for these investors to have a thriving arms industry; and “allies” and “enemies” are necessary for these companies to have markets (their own nation, and its “allies”) and to have targets (the “enemies”). The bottom line here is that in order to maximize profits for investors in arms companies, they must control their own government, because that government will determine what other nations are too markets (“us”) and which other nations are rather targets (“them” or “enemies”). These investors must therefore first and foremost control their own The government, for them to succeed, are themselves “winners” in the investment game. These investors also tend to control their country’s “news” media, as these companies to validate the “allies” and “enemies” of the government; and thus validate his invasions (in order to pump up their arms sales). And that’s how capitalism works; and this is how imperialism (which is a natural complement to capitalism, because capitalism primarily serves the investors – not the workers, nor the consumers, but specifically investors) has still functioned, in order to produce wars (which serve only the most rich).

NATO is perhaps the world’s largest and most effective marketing organization for US and allied arms manufacturers, but many other (perhaps lesser known) organizations also exist and sometimes provide more information. frank to the public.

Here are relevant highlights from an interview with the Ukrainian government, at a recent major international trade show for U.S. and allied arms manufacturers, as published by the trade magazine for the U.S. arms industry, National Defensepublished by the National Defense Industrial Association:


“BREAKING: From Ukraine to the US Defense Industry: We Need Long-Range Precision Weapons (UPDATE)”

by Stew Magnuson, June 15, 2022

The war-torn nation is in desperate need of artillery and artillery shells, but what can really give it the upper hand against its Russian invaders are long-range precision weapons such as armed Predator drones, ammunition lying around and the multiple rocket launcher system.

Denys Sharapov, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister for Procurement, Arms and Equipment Support, and Brig. General Volodymyr Karpenko, Commander of Logistics of the Land Forces Command, spoke with National Defense Editor Stew Magnuson and other journalists through an interpreter at the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stand during the Eurosatory conference in Paris on June 15. …

At Eurosatory this week, you meet a lot of defense companies. What are your expectations since they normally sell in their own country? What is the point of talking with companies and not with countries?

Sharapov: So these are parallel processes. There are constant government negotiations at all levels, diplomatic levels, military levels, department to department – ​​foreign ministers, defense ministers – I think it’s not just an ongoing dialogue, but it’s is an unprecedented dialogue.

It does not matter whether we work with private companies or government companies, all arms transfers are carried out by decision of the government. This is why we really hope for the support of these governments. …

Our readers are approximately 1,800 member companies of the defense industrial base in the United States. What message do you have for them? And what do you need them urgently?

Sharapov: The [Ministry of Defense] is currently focused on meeting all the needs of the armed forces. You asked about needs. First, you have to understand that the front line is 2,500 kilometers long. The front line where active fighting is taking place over 1,000 kilometers in length. It’s like from Kyiv to Berlin. … To date, the total strength of all our armed forces and the defense and security sector amounts to up to one million people. And we all have to support them. We must provide them with small arms, personal protective equipment and means of communication. …

We received a large number of weapon systems, but unfortunately with such a massively expendable resource, it only covers 10-15% of our needs. We need artillery, we need artillery ammunition, infantry fighting vehicles, combat vehicles, tanks. We really need air defense systems and the multiple rocket launcher system.

Also, high precision weapon systems, because we believe that high precision weapon systems will give us an edge over the enemy, the upper hand in this war.

There is a debate in the United States about whether to send armed Predator drones to Ukraine. What is their importance in your fight?

Sharapov: The party that will win in this war will be the one that first starts using contemporary high-precision equipment and weapon systems. And those drones that you mentioned, they’re part of modernized modern equipment, very precise, very precise. …

To date we have around 30-40, sometimes up to 50% gear drops from active combat. So we lost about 50 percent. About 1300 infantry fighting vehicles were lost, 400 tanks, 700 artillery systems. …

The equipment that went to the rear of the front line is maintained only by Ukrainian specialists who have been trained by different foreign companies for this specific purpose. …

Unfortunately for us, we have become the largest consumer of weapons and ammunition in the world. And we hope to receive support from all over Europe and the world. …

At Eurosatory this week, you meet a lot of defense companies. What are your expectations since they normally sell in their own country? What is the point of talking with companies and not with countries?

We really hope that the governments we cooperate with will fully support their arms factories to support Ukraine.

My first Eurosatory was 20 years ago. And all these years Ukraine was an arms dealer. And this is the first exhibition where, instead of being an arms seller, we have become the biggest consumer. This is the first year of Eurosatory where we are not represented by our industry, but rather by our Ministry of Defence, which is the consumer, which is the customer, the buyer of all these weapon systems. …

You can entrust us with your weapons, your technologies, to use them to the best of our abilities. We know how to use them. We know how to wage war with them.

And it is largely thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that many foreign brands are currently making headlines. People name their children Javelin.


A good example of how this works is that Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, which is one of America’s leading distributors of American Invasions and Wars; and its Amazon Web Services subsidiary provides cloud computing services to the Pentagon, CIA, NSA and the entire intelligence community; thus, he himself (as Amazon’s largest shareholder), is a major US government contractor. News media subscribers in America pay subscription fees in order to be constantly inundated with propaganda to increase contractor sales to the US government. Dominant investors derive part of their wealth (in Bezos’ case, a large part) from their government, and another part of their wealth by selling to subscribers (and advertisers of) their publications and news networks the propaganda that get the American public to vote for their favorite political candidates and against those those investors don’t prefer. This makes the whole operation “democratic”, even if the winning candidates of each of the two political parties — both candidates — equally bigger “defense” spending by the only government in the world, the US government, which already spends about half of the world’s spending on “defense”.

The government of the United States and the governments of Europe do not have enough money to protect the health of their people, to provide the education systems they need, to reduce crime, and to maintain and improve infrastructure. for them, but instead prioritize the production of weapons, in order to defeat Russia on the battlefield of Ukraine, which borders Russia. It is their top priority. Ukraine has been threatening Russia since Obama’s coup in 2014. It was the first round of World War III. Ukraine is a real national security interest of Russia because it is on Russia’s heels. That’s why Obama grabbed it. But Ukraine is not a genuine national security interest of the United States, or even of other nations in Europe. None of them was not only on the border of Russia, but coup d’etat by the US government in 2014 and thus transformed from neutral to fiercely anti-Russian. Russia retaliated on February 24, 2022, precipitating the current explosive boom of US and allied arms companies and their investors. These investors are well served by their governments. But the audiences of these nations are not. Is this democracy? Or is it more fascism? Will we find reliable, trustworthy evidence on this subject in the media we subscribe to? In times of war, should we seek regular access to above all media from countries that his own government describes as “enemies”? In a capitalist country, how can a person intelligently seek the truth about international relations? It’s a real problem. Therefore, it is an issue that is ridiculed (as a “conspiracy theory” or otherwise) by all of the mainstream media in these countries. Sometimes certain things are too true to publish in the mainstream. This is particularly common in a dictatorship. Be that as it may, this is the case today in American and allied countries.