Bullet Liner™ USA announces the launch of Bullet Liner RPM™ – its all-purpose protective spray coatings for the fleet vehicle market

CARLISLE, Pa., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bullet Liner UNITED STATES (www.BulletLiner.com), a leading manufacturer of protective spray liners for the automotive and truck market, today announced the rollout of its new RPMMC all-purpose formula. rpm is designed specifically for service pickups; delivery vans and trucks; construction equipment; police, fire and emergency service vehicles; semi-trailers; service and crew trucks; trailers; mountain bike; and UTVs. ball liner rpm offers fleet operators a cost-effective way to protect their investment in vehicles, extend life and keep them in top condition.

“Bullet Liner rpm is a permanent spray-on protective coating system designed for heavy duty service applications and industrial and commercial fleets,” said Jill Demer, global marketing manager for the Bullet Liner brand. “Bullet Liner rpm is ready to use for the rigors of the fleet market as it specifically protects and extends the life and appearance of fleet vehicle exteriors and keeps equipment “in fairness” while on the job. It’s the best investment a fleet operator can make to improve the value of their entire fleet, from ‘bumper to fender’. »

ball liner rpm is constructed to provide a flexible yet extremely strong monolithic membrane with a uniform, ultra-fine surface texture. This elastomeric coating provides enhanced protection against bumps, dents, scratches and other damage sustained on the highway or on the jobsite. Additionally, Bullet Liner is impervious to extreme weather conditions and will not crack, fade, peel or bubble, even after long exposure to scorching summer sun or freezing temperatures in winter. Bullet Liner coatings can also be custom-fitted to existing color shades, and they provide UV protection to maintain color shine and vibrancy.

Adds Deamer, “Fleet operators who choose Bullet Liner rpm to protect their vehicles can rely on a robust and supportive dealer network that understands the cost of downtime and strives to make doing business with our authorized Bullet Liner dealers as seamless as possible. We offer highly trained applicators that provide quick turnaround in several convenient locations throughout North America.”

For more information, please visit BulletLiner.com.

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